Lorain County Adult Probation

Old Courthouse308 Second Street
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Phone: (440) 326-4700/4701
Voice Mail: (440) 326-4700
Fax: (440) 326-4735

Mission Statement: To provide tools for change and growth of individuals under supervision, deter criminal behavior through accurate assessment of needs for the safety and protection of the community.

Chief Probation Officer
Ph: (440) 326-4718

In 1990, the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas created the Adult Probation Department through the Court’s journal. At the same time, the Court appointed Michael Willets as Chief. This department was created even though there were State services in the County. They provided pre-sentence investigations, basic supervision, sex offender supervision and parole supervision. However, the Court wanted to develop other sentencing options that would build a continuum of sanctions in the county that provided programming in lieu of incarceration.

Upon its creation, two officers were hired to start a pretrial unit. Court Supervised Release (CSR) focus was to help alleviate the overcrowding in the County Jail and offer some supervision and programming for those in the pretrial stage. A grant was obtained through the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to develop and operate an Intensive Supervised Probation Unit. Three Officers and a secretary were hired.

Grants were also obtained to operate a Day Reporting Program, and a Linkage Program. This assisted the I.S.P. Unit to blend the close supervision along with alcohol and drug treatment. A lab was created to test for clients compliance of zero tolerance. To enhance CSR, funds were obtained to have electronic monitoring. This was used to supplement the personal bond, and use in lieu of local jail time.

The five Municipal Courts began using electronic monitoring and the CSR program at their level. Funding was received to operate a Municipal Court ISP Program. This was developed to assist the Municipal Courts in Lorain County that had either no and/or minimal probation services. An intervention in Lieu and Prosecutors Diversion Programs began and were supervised by the Chief Probation Officer. This was to help alleviate some of the caseload of both the Court and the Prosecutor. Additional funding was received when this Department began the charging of supervision fees. These monies are used to supplement programming for the probationers. Ancillary funding was received from the State to provide Halfway House beds, and create / operate the Lorain / Medina CBCF.

The Probation Department has been in four different locations prior to its current location. Staff has grown from one in 1990 to the current staff of 27 as of January 2010.