Jury Instructions

Updated Daily After 3:30 pm

Current Jury Groups

These instructions are only for the CURRENT groups (A2 - B2 - C2 - D2 - E2 - F2) on call for the three (3) week period STARTING, MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 2015 and ENDING, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2015.  Due to budget reductions, jury shuttle bus service is not available at this time. If the Justice Center is closed due to severe weather conditions, this information will be broadcast through local Radio or TV communications.  You can also call the Jury Commissioners' office for weather updates.  Also, if the jury website is not available, always telephone (440) 328-2240 or 328-2241, daily after 3:30 pm, for your updated jury instructions.  We receive a high volume of calls, so, if you reach this recording during normal business hours, please try again.  **REMINDER: Do not check until AFTER 3:30 pm for jury instructions as the message may change.  Failure to report may result in an automatic defer for another three week term.   


1.)  CURRENT JURY GROUP:  D2 -- This Jury Group is required to report for Jury Duty on Monday, August 31, 2015 by 8:30 am.  Park in the Washington Ave parking lot and walk to the Justice Center located at 225 Court St., which takes about 10 minutes. Please bring your Summons and leave all sharp objects and mace in your car.


2.) REMAINDER CURRENT JURY GROUPS:  A2 - B2 - C2 - E2 - F2  --  These Jury Groups do NOT have to report for Jury Duty on Monday, August 31, 2015.  However, these Jury Groups must check back on Monday, August 31, 2015, after 3:30 pm, for your updated jury instructions.


For New Jury Groups (A3 - F3):  The following instructions are only for NEW groups (A3 - F3) starting TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2015, thru FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2015.  Please read your summons and both sides of the jury guide before phoning the jury commissioners office with questions, only between the hours of 10 am - 12 pm Noon, and 1 pm - 2 pm. You may also FAX your juror questionnaire to the Jury Commissioners at 440-328-2242 *NOTE:  NEW GROUPS (A3 - F3):  YOUR FIRST CALL-IN IS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, OR ANYTIME OVER THE WEEKEND.  You may also log on to www.loraincounty.us/jury, for your instructions.  Be advised that we receive a high volume of phone calls, so your patience is appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation.

Contact the Jury Commissioners

10 am - 12 pm Noon / 1 pm - 2 pm -- Phone: (440) 328-2240 or 328-2241 / FAX: (440) 328-2242. Please call for questions only (not Jury Instructions). When sending a fax message, email, or leaving a voicemail, please include your group, name, and phone number.


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