Judge D. Chris Cook
Residence: Lorain County, Ohio

High School: Lorain High School, Lorain Ohio

College: University of Michigan, B.A.

Law School: University of Toledo College of Law, J.D.  

Admitted to Bar: 1993

On the Bench since: December 2016

Legal Experience:

  • Magistrate Lorain Municipal Court, 11 years

  • Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Lorain County Prosecutor's Office, 5 years

  • Prosecutor, Sheffield Village, 12 years  
  • Private practice of law

Judge D. Chris Cook

Fax: (440) 329-5712

Courtroom No. 705

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Civil Secretary
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Official Court Reporter
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Recent Opinions

Partially Grant Motion to Suppress in OVI arrest of Police Officer - State v Burgess


DiDonato v Roig, Grant New Trial in MVA Case

Estate of Samples v LaGrange Nursing Home, Grant JNOV re Punitive Damages

Motion to Withdraw Plea in Immigration Case Denied- State v Velazquez

Griffin v City of Lorain - SMJ Granted 

Reverse Unemployment Comm - No Right to Work at Home - Buckeye Bank v Ohio DJFS

Grant Motion to Withdraw Admissions - Robinholt v Wilson

Confession in rape case not violative of Miranda - State v Scholz

Decision to Overturn School Dist and Reinstate Baseball Coach Sasack v Wellington Exempted Vill School Dist

Motion for Pre Judgment Interest new Trial Denied in MVA Case McCloud v Payne

Grant SMJ to Railroad and Reject Adverse Possession Claims - IRG v Penn Lines

Grant New Trial in Head Start Sex Abuse Case Ohio v Smith and Allen

Deny Suppression of GPS Ankle Monitor Info State v Steible

Motion to Suppress DENIED where interaction with law enforcement at Defendants home was consensual - State v Grondin

Motion To Suppress in Child Sex case Denied - State v Burkes

Langin v Sheffield BOE - Drug Policy Not Unconstitutional

Jaroscak v Ohio Board of Pharmacy - Admin Appeal Denied 
State v Young Post Conviction Relief Denied - No new evidence found
Deny Specific Performance Where No Contract Exists - Larkin v North Ridgeville
State v Fox - Denial of Post-Release Control
Vacate Punitive Damages Award
Grant Judicial Release to Harmonize Sentence With Co-Defendant- State v Murray 
Grant Restitution in Commercial F.E.D. Case: 5411 v. Marena, Case No. 19CV198539
Denial of New Mitigation Trial (After Remand) - Jalowiec
Suppression Denied due to Exigent Circumstances - State v Johnson 
SMJ Granted Where Municipalities Entitled to Immunity - Anderson v City of Westlake, et al
The Right to Counsel After a Guilty Plea - State v Wells
Remittitur Ordered or New Trial Granted
SMJ Denied Landlord in MVA Case - Garrow
Grant Michigan Domiciliary Hearing on Weapons Disability - Shumate
NEW SMJ Granted in Asbestos Case 'Cumulative Effect' Theory Rejected Shaffer v. Chesterton
Motion For JNOV or New Trial Denied - Designers Choice v
Denial of Suppression Motion & 420 grams of Heroin

Denial of Judicial Release in Sex Case - Peffer

Mot. For Jud. on Pleadings Granted: No Ins. Coverage - Evanston

Plea Not Enforced - State v Bland

Administrative Appeal  Affirmed:Sanction Not Appealable - Barr v

SMJ Denied Where Parties Orally Modified Written Contract - Designer Choice

SMJ Granted to Landlord in Dog-Bite Case - Randleman

Reconsideration Denied in Asbestos Case - Shaffer

 SMJ Granted: The Supreme Court Ends the Cumulative 'Exposure Theory' in Asbestos Cases - Shaffer

Magistrate's Decision Upheld No Damages Proven - Stanley
High Bond in Child Rape Case - Santiago
The Appropriations Case; Reconsideration; Motions in Limine - ODOT

Sexual Pred. Classification Hearing & Megan's Law v. Adam Walsh Act - Stearns