Intervention in Lieu of Conviction

Intervention in Lieu of Conviction is a 1-3 year program for offenders who have alcohol/drug problems and/or mental health concerns. Prior to the Judge granting IIL to the offender, offender MUST be enrolled in a treatment program. Completing a treatment program, reporting for office visits, providing drug test samples when requested, paying all court costs and fines, remaining crime free and drug free will allow the defendant to complete IIL successfully; once completed, all original charges are then dismissed by the Judge.

A similar program, Diversion, is available for individuals who have no prior record and are selected for the Program by the Assistant Prosecutor or Judge. This program is a minimum of one (1) year in length and defendants are required to submit negative drug tests, have no further criminal activity and comply with all other conditions ordered by the Court. Upon completion of this program, original charges are dismissed by Prosecuting Attorney or Judge.